Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting Bored so here comes another post!
I have nothing to do today, so I'm going to work on my blog. 
Now that you know all about my collection, I'd love to hear about your collections! I am feeling like using the exclamation point today. Please pardon me for it. I'm usually never like this, I hate exclamatory marks! But I used one right there anyway. Since I can't typecast for an indefinite time, so I'll try to make this as close as possible. Just like you guys, my interests are not limited to just typewriters, but I like movies, old cameras, and handwriting just as much. Ironically, being born in a digital age, I used a typewriter before I used a computer. When I was around 4 years-old my brother had an electric and a remember using it from time to time. But then I took it apart. I was like a little monster back then. I wanted to take everything apart. I would take broken computer towers apart, claiming I was trying to "fix them". My typewriter obsession began when I wanted a typewriter, for some reason, I don't remember why, but that's when it all began. I got an Aztec 14 typewriter from my Grandma's house before we sold it. I couldn't find anything on the internet about it, and it broke, and before I could get it fixed, my Dad threw it away. My sister's boss got me my Royal 1935 De Luxe from Upstate New York, and I have been using it ever since. The line that helps the carriage back and forth snapped on that and I recently got that fixed. For my Conformation, my Mom got me my 1949 Smith-Corona Sterling, which I absolutely love, and which I brought with me on vacation. Just last week I got my Olivetti Lettera 25
from David Kinchen in Texas. Once again, thank you so much for it, Mr.Kinchen, if your'e reading this.  All right I'm done with this.

William A.