Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Fun Facts---

-In 1938 LIFE Magazine made Adolf Hitler Man of the Year.

-Buttermilk does not contain any butter.

-Jupiter is a failed star, which is 27 times too small.

-A Leap Year has 64,000 more seconds than a regular year.

-Elephants are the only animals in the world with four knees.

-On December 16, 1811, the Mississippi River flowed backwards due to an earthquake.

-There are 722 miles of railroad track in the NYC Subway system.

-Abraham Lincoln died at the age of 56.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun Facts-2


-The first Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix, France, in 1924.

-The site where the Parthenon was built had to be cleared out of hundreds of dinosaur bones, (then called Giant's bones), before construction could begin.

-The Red Baron applied to both the German Army Air Service and the British Royal Air Force.

-The original MGM lion killed its trainer the same day  the original logo was filmed.

-Uncle Sam's face was modeled after a Canadian salesman.

-General George Patton was an accomplished taxidermist.

-Every year, more divers are injured by clams, than sharks.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tourists Make Me Sad

Okay. Today I went to an Open-House at a high school in Manhattan. (The high-school was Xavier High School. est. 1847). I took the train in, and was surprised by the absurd amount of tourists everywhere. I know I live right next to Manhattan, which houses the majority of the 8-million New Yorkers in the five boroughs. If you don't know the boroughs they are Brooklyn (the best), Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens, and the most well-known, Manhattan. But still, it's October 20th. How many people get off in October? I only get Columbus Day. I know I should help, but the amount of people asking Yorkers how to get to the Empire State Building made me want to ignore any tourists.
It's not that hard! Just look up and follow the giant point in the sky! It's only the second-biggest building in NYC!
But anyway, the open house went okay. The only problem was that there were a VERY big amount of fellow eight-graders there,and the hallways are relatively narrow. But, besides for the body heat, and the waiting behind the ridiculously slow-walking tourist hicks from Indiana wearing I Heart NY
t-shirts, blocking every single passageway around them. (No offense to any NYC tourists, but come on, walk a little faster). 

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PS- I'm going to start word of the post for every post that I throw on CCR.

Word of the Post- 

Wombat- any of several stocky, burrowing, herbivorous marsupials of the family Vombatidae , of Australia, about the size of a badger.

Hermes Rocket- A Review

I've been using the Hermes Rocket, "Gunnar" as I have nicknamed it very much lately. Besides for having no platen knobs,(which is not such a big deal to me), it has been treating me very well. It has helped me with four reports already! The action is one of the smoothest I have had the privilege to own. The touch is okay, but not great. Anyway,here are my ratings of Gunnar.

Touch: 6-10

Smoothness: 8-10

Looks: 7-10

Functionality: 5-10

Overall: 7-10

Well, that's my review of Gunnar. If you disagree, there really is nothing I can do about it. The touch is not my favorite, though I love the way the SHIFT button feels. It is very smooth, probably second in my collection to the '36 Royal DeLuxe, which I've been using much, also.
It looks good, but the orange is very bright and I find it hard to type on when I have a headache. The functionality is not great, because it tends to scoot across the desk when I'm not typing on my desk. I have only used it four times for school because of its cursive typeface. Overall, it is a very good typewriter and is definitely the smallest typer in my collection

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to Health

That's right I'm back to health! I've been at school all week, and Thursday and Friday of last week, but I haven't updated you ever since Wednesday, I think that's when it was. Sitting here with my faithful steed (dog) by my side, I'm going out for a haircut in about 10 minutes, but I am making this post anyway. It only takes about 7 or 8 minutes to make a post anyway...

Here I am after my haircut, it looks okay, but I like my hair longer, better. Today I did the impossible. After missing last week's art class,
I completed one WHOLE painting in just 45 minutes. No sketching, no pencils. Just pure skill. So have any of you ever completed one WHOLE painting in just 45 minutes? Probably not.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sick-2 & Opinion?

Well, I'm still sick, mostly because it turns out I have a skin condition. Yeah, it's under my arms, and it hurts a bit much when I move my arms in most directions. But, I changed the layout, and what do you think? I sort of like it better. I changed it because the previous format was very common around the world-wide webs. It was nice and all, but I got really tired of it. So. Let me know what you think in the comments down below. 

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Being Sick Stinks

Hey guys, today I'm not feeling so good. I have a bit of a head cold and I have something with my arms. (they hurt ALOT). But I'm feeling well enough to type, so here comes a sick post. As I said in the previous posts, I bought a Mercedes Superba. What I forgot to mention is that the M key doesn't work. It is still extremely handsome and will be used for decoration temporarily, until I have the chance to bring it to my local repair guy. I'm staying home from school today and am quite happy despite my illnesses. I just watched television on my sofa, ate some soup, and came upstairs to where I am right now, resting in bed. I've been itching to use my '36 Royal DeLuxe, because I haven't in a long time. I've been primarily using my Smith Corona or Hermes. I really have nothing to do so I'm goingto wrap this up now. Stay Classy, -Will

Monday, October 8, 2012

... Continued! Sorry.

Sorry about that guys, my computer ran out of battery. But here's the res of the post. ...and it is extremely exciting. I don't know so much about it yet, so if anyone knows anything about this model, please comment down below! Stay classy, Will

Happy Columbus Day! And a New Typer!

Well, it's Columbus Day, and I am off! Yesterday, in my short vacation in the Pocono Mountains, my aunt, mother, and I went to a charming antique store. It was not like most antique stores, as I do not appreciate most. It had stuff that were actually worthwhile, like polaroid cameras and rotary phones. But as I walked into another room,I started to see a red and black ribbon. Then I saw it. It. A Mercedes Superba that is now mine! I definitely have to do more research on it though. It looks fantastic, the platen is semi hard, but not so hard. It is my first QWERTZ keyboard typewriter...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Facts-1

Here's the first fun-fact edition. Enjoy!

-In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is death.

-The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the fifty-seven varieties of pickles the company once had.

-Isaac Asimov is the only author to have a book in every Dewey Decimal system category.

-Michael J. Fox's middle name is really Andrew.

-Your'e more likely to die on the ride to get a lottery ticket then actually winning the lottery.

-No word in the English language rhymes with month, purple,silver, and of course, orange.

-Japan has square watermelons.

-"Dreamt" is the only word in the English language that ends in the letters "mt". 

That's it for the first fun fact blogger, hope you enjoyed.

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