Monday, October 8, 2012

... Continued! Sorry.

Sorry about that guys, my computer ran out of battery. But here's the res of the post. ...and it is extremely exciting. I don't know so much about it yet, so if anyone knows anything about this model, please comment down below! Stay classy, Will


  1. Cool find!

    These are not easy to find in the US. I believe they are modeled on the Underwood portable, though I'm not sure. I have one:

    They came with a typebar cover that is supposed to reduce noise, though sometimes it is missing.

    You can look up the date on .

  2. Well, that the one. Just minus the cover. It types very well, but the m key doesn't work. I'll try to bring it to my local Brooklyn typewriter repair gut.

  3. I've come very close to getting a superba. There was one in NYC I liked about 3-4 months ago and my brother lives there and could have got it and broughty it home to me next time he visited California .. Ended up passing and someone else bought it within a week.
    I think it's a good acquisition!

    1. Well, thank you! I live in NYC, also. Does your brother also collect typewriters!