Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hermes Rocket- A Review

I've been using the Hermes Rocket, "Gunnar" as I have nicknamed it very much lately. Besides for having no platen knobs,(which is not such a big deal to me), it has been treating me very well. It has helped me with four reports already! The action is one of the smoothest I have had the privilege to own. The touch is okay, but not great. Anyway,here are my ratings of Gunnar.

Touch: 6-10

Smoothness: 8-10

Looks: 7-10

Functionality: 5-10

Overall: 7-10

Well, that's my review of Gunnar. If you disagree, there really is nothing I can do about it. The touch is not my favorite, though I love the way the SHIFT button feels. It is very smooth, probably second in my collection to the '36 Royal DeLuxe, which I've been using much, also.
It looks good, but the orange is very bright and I find it hard to type on when I have a headache. The functionality is not great, because it tends to scoot across the desk when I'm not typing on my desk. I have only used it four times for school because of its cursive typeface. Overall, it is a very good typewriter and is definitely the smallest typer in my collection


  1. Sounds like a fair review. These little Hermes sold very well for decades, and they sure are portable and cute in their own way, but they are not fantastic writing tools.

  2. Yeah, it's not the best machanicly sound typewriter, but it gets the job done.